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Revolutionizing appointment bookings and client communication, one call at a time. AI call assist brings the future of client interaction to your salon or barbershop.

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“Since partnering with AI Call Assist, we’ve seen a surge in our Google reviews and a notable boost in customer satisfaction, all while reducing our business costs. This is largely because every phone call is now promptly answered, providing precise information and assisting our customers with all their queries and reservation requests.”

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“With AI Call Assist handling our lines, we’ve eliminated the need for a dedicated phone staff. It efficiently answers customer queries, outlines the services we offer, provides average cost details, and guides them on how to book — all without the necessity of an employee managing the process.”

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“Since integrating AI Call Assist, our average ticket order has grown by 20%. We now consistently answer customer calls, even during peak hours or after business closes. This has not only reduced our expenses by eliminating the need for dedicated phone staff, but it also allows our team to focus on higher-priority tasks instead of fielding calls.”

Restaurant owner

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“Implementing AI Call Assist has been a game-changer for our Shopify customer support. Gone are the days of slow chatbots; now, our customers can easily reach out with a simple phone call. They receive real-time assistance on product inquiries, updates about their order status, and answers to any other questions, including those about refunds. This heightened customer satisfaction has directly translated into a 15% increase in sales, as customers find it easier and more reassuring to shop with us.”

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Transforming Challenges into Opportunities


  • Busy hours can result in missed calls. This doesn’t just mean potential lost business but also leads to frustrated customers
  • Misunderstandings regarding services, timings, or prices can cause dissatisfied clients and potential disputes.
  • Customers frequently have specific questions about available products or how certain services are performed. Addressing these can consume a significant chunk of time.
  • No client enjoys being kept on hold, especially during peak times when all lines are engaged.
  • Hiring additional staff for call management can be costly. Plus, having current staff juggle between clients and calls can affect service quality.

Solution with AI call assist

  • Never miss a call again. AI call assist ensures that every call is answered promptly, capturing every potential booking and keeping your clientele satisfied.
  • Achieve clear, concise communication every time. AI call assist provides accurate information about services, timings, and prices, ensuring clients are always well-informed.
  • AI call assist is equipped with details about your services and products. It can efficiently answer questions, allowing your staff to focus on their primary tasks.
  • : Reduce wait times dramatically. AI call assist can handle multiple queries simultaneously, ensuring clients receive immediate responses.
  • Save on operational costs and enhance service quality. With AI aall Assist, you don’t need additional staff for call handling, and your team can concentrate on delivering impeccable in-person services without distractions.

Experience the Future, Risk-Free

Experience firsthand how AI call assist can transform your restaurant’s communication dynamics. For 14 days, access all our premium features and witness the shift towards impeccable customer service and streamlined operations.

What to Expect:

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Personalized & Proficient

Every salon and barbershop has its own signature style and offerings. AI call assist is designed with adaptability in mind, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your brand’s voice and ambiance. Customize responses, fine-tune settings, and let the AI grasp the uniqueness of your establishment. Whether you’re a high-end salon, a cozy barbershop, or a trendy hair studio, AI call assist molds itself to fit your specific needs, guaranteeing interactions that mirror your brand’s essence and commitment to excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI call assist?
AI call assist is like an automated virtual assistant, specifically tailored for salons and barbershops. It’s a cutting-edge communication solution designed to handle incoming calls, answer queries, and assist with appointments, ensuring that no call goes unanswered.
Is it difficult to set up?
No, setup is hassle-free! Once you provide us with the necessary details about your salon or barbershop, our team will handle the integration, ensuring a seamless transition.
Can AI call assist understand my unique offerings and services?
Absolutely! AI call assist is customizable and can be tailored to understand and communicate the specific services, products, and treatments your salon or barbershop offers.
What if a customer has a complex request that the AI call assist can't handle?
In cases where a more personal touch is required, AI call assist will forward the call to a live representative or staff member, ensuring all customer needs are met.
Can I customize the responses and information AI call assist provides?
Yes! The system is highly adaptable, and you can tailor responses and information to reflect the unique essence and offerings of your salon or barbershop.
How does the system handle appointment scheduling?
? If you are using a platform that we can integrate with, AI call assist will handle all bookings and cancellations directly. If not, the system can either connect the caller to a live representative or send them a text message with the booking or cancellation link. Additionally, for general inquiries, AI call assist can provide information about available slots and services.

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