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Transforming Restaurant Communication with AI call assist

Streamline reservations, elevate customer service, and never miss a call again. With AI call assist, empower your restaurant to communicate efficiently, 24/7, ensuring every guest feels valued.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities


  • Missed calls during peak hours lead to lost reservations and potential revenue.
  • Time-consuming manual processes for managing bookings, inquiries, and special requests.
  • Inconsistent customer service experiences leading to negative reviews and feedback.
  • High costs associated with maintaining a full-time reception or front desk staff for call management.

Solution with AI call assist

  • Ensure every call is attended to, even during your busiest hours, with immediate AI responses, capturing every potential reservation and boosting your revenue.
  • Streamline reservations and efficiently handle inquiries with our advanced AI system. From booking specifics to special dining requests, manage everything without human intervention.
  • Achieve consistent, prompt, and polite customer interactions every single time. With our AI system, your customers receive uniform quality of service, enhancing their dining experience.
  • Cut down operational costs by automating call responses. By handling a significant volume of calls efficiently, AI call assist reduces the need for full-time staff just for phone management.

Experience the Future, Risk-Free

Experience firsthand how AI call assist can transform your restaurant’s communication dynamics. For 14 days, access all our premium features and witness the shift towards impeccable customer service and streamlined operations.

What to Expect:

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Adaptable & Efficient

Every restaurant is unique, and so are its needs. With AI call assist, customization is at the heart of what we offer. Tailor responses, adjust settings, and ensure that the AI truly understands the nuances of your establishment. Whether you’re a fine-dining locale or a bustling bistro, our system adapts, providing results that resonate with your brand voice and ethos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI call assist?
AI call assist is like an automated virtual assistant, crafted specifically for restaurants. It seamlessly handles incoming calls, responds to queries, and provides information on reservations, ensuring every call receives attention.
How does AI call assist manage table reservations?
If you’re using a platform that integrates with our system, AI call assist can handle all reservation bookings and cancellations. If not, the system can either connect the call to a live representative or send the caller a text with the reservation or cancellation link.
Can AI call assist handle special dietary requests or queries?
Absolutely! AI call assist is designed to provide information on menu items, including details about ingredients and special dietary accommodations. If the query is too complex, the system can connect the caller to a staff member for further assistance.
How does the system deal with peak hours or high call volumes?
During peak hours or times of high call volume, AI call assist efficiently manages multiple calls, ensuring that customers aren’t kept waiting for long. If the query requires human intervention, it can route the call to a live representative.
Is the system adaptable to different types of restaurants, like cafes or fine dining?
Absolutely. AI call assist is built to adapt to the unique needs and tone of different establishments, whether you’re a cozy cafe, a bustling diner, or an upscale fine-dining restaurant.
What if the caller has feedback, complaint or requires a live representative?
AI call assist can gather initial feedback or complaints and route them to the appropriate department or representative. For cases requiring immediate attention or a human touch, the system can swiftly connect the caller to a live agent to address their concerns.

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