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Revolutionizing eCommerce Support with AI call assist

Streamline customer interactions, enhance support, and elevate your eCommerce business. With AI call assist, you’re not just answering calls – you’re building lasting relationships.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities


  • With increasing web traffic, it’s easy to miss potential leads and sales opportunities when customers can’t reach support.
  • Slow response times can frustrate online shoppers, leading to a 30% increase in cart abandonment.
  • Customers often have questions about products, or how to process returns and exchanges.
  • Maintaining a 24/7 support team can be expensive and resource-intensive.
  • eCommerce stores commonly use impersonal chatbots or delayed email responses. This causes inefficiencies in handling returns, leaves customers waiting during payment or order issues, and can result in abandoned carts due to lack of real-time support.

Solution with AI call assist

  • AI call assist ensures every call is attended to, reducing missed opportunities and increasing potential conversions.
  • Instantly answer queries, provide product information, or assist with order processes in real-time, ensuring customers get the swift support they seek.
  • AI call assist can answer product-related questions, provide return policies, and even guide customers through the return process.
  • : AI call assist offers round-the-clock support without the ongoing costs of a full-time team, while still ensuring high-quality customer interaction.
  • AI call assist delivers a timely and personal touch, ensuring these concerns are promptly addressed, leading to happier customers and reduced cart abandonment.

Integrate AI call assist, Risk-Free

Experience the future of Ecommerce customer support with AI call assist. For 14 days, access all our premium features and witness the shift towards impeccable customer service and streamlined operations.

What to Expect:

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Custom-Tailored Support

Every Ecommerce store is unique, from its challenges to its clientele. With AI call assist, tailor your customer support to perfectly fit your brand. Customize interactions and settings, ensuring the AI meets the distinct needs of your store, be it a niche boutique or a vast online marketplace. Let AI call assist seamlessly align with your brand’s essence and values.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI call assist and how can it benefit my eCommerce store?

AI call assist is an advanced communication tool designed to handle incoming calls, answer product and order-related queries, and streamline customer interactions. By integrating it into your store, you can offer immediate, 24/7 customer support, reduce cart abandonment, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

How quickly can AI call assist be integrated into my existing systems?

Integration is quick and straightforward. Our system is designed to seamlessly integrate with most eCommerce platforms, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.


Can AI call assist handle high call volumes during peak sales periods like Black Friday?

Absolutely! AI call assist can handle multiple calls simultaneously, ensuring no customer is left waiting, even during peak times.

What if my store doesn't have a phone number?

No problem! We can set up a toll-free number for your store, enabling your customers to reach out and benefit from the AI call assist experience.

How do I train or customize AI call assist for my specific products or services?

Each client is paired with a dedicated specialist who will work closely with you to understand your specific needs, products, and services, ensuring that AI call assist is fully customized and aligned with your brand and offerings. Any changes or specific requirements can be directly communicated to your assigned specialist for a seamless experience.

Do I need any special hardware or software to use AI call assist?

No special hardware is required. AI call assist operates in the cloud, ensuring easy integration with your existing systems without any additional installations.

What kind of support can I expect post-integration?

Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries, concerns, or customization needs. We’re committed to ensuring AI call assist aligns with your business goals and delivers optimal results.

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